Amethyst Crystal Meaning & Healing Properties

Everything You Need To Know: Amethyst Crystal Meaning & Healing Properties

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a violet variety of Quartz, and owes its violet color to irradiation, impurities of iron and in some cases other transition metals, and the presence of other trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions. It is the birthstone of February, and is a semiprecious stone. 

The First Discovery of Amethyst...

The Ancient Greeks believed that their god, Dionysus, was the very first being to ever stumble upon the purple gemstone. Exactly how long this gem has existed is unclear, but it was first discovered in France, about 25,000 years ago. That means it was first used by prehistoric people!

Physical Healing Properties

On a physical level, Amethyst also associated with healthy cell regeneration, encouraging soothing sleep and rest, and promoting hormonal balance. As Amethyst helps balance metabolism and positively serves the endocrine system, the body finds its inner harmony and doesn’t go too crazy on the cortisol production – which dramatically cuts down on stress and tension. Along with all of this, the purplish hue of Amethyst also ensures that the body, mind and soul remain cleansed and detoxified. For those who struggle with a foggy head or migraines, then Amethyst can also help clear those clouds away.

Emotional Healing Properties

Amethyst is renowned for bringing a sense of calm and clarity to our chaotic world. Those who keep Amethyst close will find that they feel comforted, grounded and soothed in a truly uplifting way. Because Amethyst centers the emotions, it can be a beautiful aide in recovery for those suffering from the overwhelming emotions that come with grief, loss and all shades of sadness. Thanks to its divine spirituality, it’s a great stone for reminding people not to fear the unknown.

While Amethyst works to sweep negativity away from clouding the mind, it also seems to trigger a spark that unveils our deepest wells of inspiration. When our mind is calm and focused we are able to tap into our creative mind and unveil all those ideas and interests that were stashed behind the wall of inner chaos.

Metaphysical Properties

For those who are looking to leap higher into their spiritual awakening, Amethyst is one of the most important stones in the healing pack. It is strongly associated with the crown chakra and is even said to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual realms.

The third eye chakra is known for being one of the most powerful intuitive tools to have in the pack. Everyone has the gift of intuition, it's all about how they harness it. As Amethyst kindles the third eye to awaken, it grants the sixth sense to bloom into being. In eastern philosophy, it is said that the third eye is the spiritual center of a person’s existence.

The crown chakra is the sacred energy center and also intricately connected with the Amethyst stone. Its where the cosmic consciousness sits and is where people receive those much-needed messages from the universe and the connection to the cosmos.

How to Use The Stones


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Wearing an Amethyst crystal is one of the best ways to ensure the crown chakra and third-eye chakra are always inflow. Amethyst jewelry is popular and with so much variety, it's easy to choose a piece that slips seamlessly into any kind of lifestyle. Amethyst bracelets, bangles, worry stones, and pendants are a good investment as they can be worn every day. Having Amethyst pressed against the skin may also be the most potent way to embrace the healing energy. Bare skin invites the stone to release its vibrations directly into the body, amplifying its power and ensuring that those who choose Amethyst are ever getting the best out of their self-care investment.

Home & Office

Amethyst can be used in the home to help build upon the free flow of Feng Sui. Being associated strongly with yin energy, it is a beautiful balancing tool. Placed in the office it helps attune to inner creativity, placed in the bedroom it nurtures deep soulful sleep and placed in family areas it works wonder at absorbing strains of negativity and transmuting these energies into something positive. 

Final Thoughts on Amethyst

For those who want to spark their spirituality, bring peace and harmony back into their world, and rebalance their chakras – Amethyst is the perfect stone to keep close by. Being a tool that is used extensively on the road to healing and higher plains of consciousness, Amethyst will accentuate the most peaceful persona, help someone to find space in the universe, and invites the wearer to leap higher.

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