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What is Endless Guidance?

Thank you for taking a moment to find out more about Endless Guidance. We are a Natural Crystal & Spiritual Décor store based in London, UK with decades of Crystal Collecting experience with a strong passion for beautiful, unique natural crystals, spiritual enlightenment, crystal healing & positive energy. 

Our Story

Endless Guidance was brought to life by founders, Meg & Luke. A couple very much in love with a strong connection to the natural beauty of the world we all live in & the powers of the universe that exists all around us. Eventually paths crossed and the passion for Natural Crystals & mutual love for the universe created ideas of sourcing Rare Crystals, Designing Unique Crystal Carvings & Supplying Spiritual Home Décor all around the world was created via Endless Guidance.


Luke first appreciated the amazement & energy of Natural Crystals as a young boy aged only 7 and was fascinated by the unique formations, colours & large variety of different types of Natural Crystals that planet earth creates.


Meg was attracted to Natural Crystals through the desires of Natural Crystals and their special healing properties recommended by her Crystal Collecting Auntie. At the time she was going through some tough life changes in which the power of crystals helped her through those times.

Thankyou again for taking a moment to read about us and our journey, Please support our passion and explore our large variety of Natural Crystals & Spiritual Décor!