Starting Your Crystal Collection

How To Start Your Crystal Collection?

The world is filled of different crystals and healing gemstones. It can seem a challenge at first to know which stone you want to welcome into your world. A very important lesson that crystals teach us, is the reminder to tune in and listen to our own intuition and to trust that we have the knowledge we need. Our body, mind, and soul are all connected and we are made up of energy just like everything in the universe. If we can tap into that power, we can listen to the signs and messages that the world has to show us.

Apohphyllite Cluster 

Use Your Intuition!

To find the right crystals, you need to be drawn to the one you feel most connected to (or which ones are drawn to you). Even just hearing a crystals name, seeing a picture, or reading the crystal meaning, you may have a feeling deep down inside that is calling you to that exact stone. Each crystal also comes with its own healing properties. As we sometimes have awareness of our own strengths and weaknesses, we can choose healing crystals based on their specific traits to help guide us in where we need it most in life.

Labradorite Tumblestones

Zodiac Signs

Being aware of your zodiac sign can also be a good method to choose crystals. Certain crystals work with certain zodiac signs, so having this information can help link you to a set of stones that harmonize in accordance with the stars.

Mini Crystal Mushrooms

Does the Shape of the Crystal Matter?

The shape of the crystal also brings its own spellbinding energy and can make a difference to how you experience the healing stone and its powers. 
  • Point -  a point can be good for directing energy and is often used for manifesting
  • Sphere - a sphere offers full harmonic energy that comes from all sides
  • Cube - a cube has solid grounding energy and creates calm and balance
  • Pyramid - a pyramid connects earth to heaven, its pinnacle sens energy up
  • Tumbled Stones - stones can be easily carried as talismans or placed on chakras








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