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Crystal Beginners Guide - 10 Types of Crystals For Beginners and How To Use Them

Crystal Beginners Guide - 10 Types of Crystals For Beginners and How To Use Them

There are many crystals out there waiting to be used by yourself and others, but sometimes the amount of crystals available to us all is a bit over whelming. This guide will help you choose from 10 types of powerful crystals each with their own unique properties to help find the perfect crystal to set your intentions.

How To Find the Right Crystal For You

There are a few ways in which you can find the right crystal for yourself, here are some options..

1. Follow your intuition.

Firstly, you could go the intuitive route. Take a really good look at our large crystal collection. One specific type may catch your attention and you will just feel right about that one crystal. 

2. Research the best stone for your needs.

Alternatively, you can choose a stone based on what you want to manifest into your life. Beginners can research the qualities of different crystals, knowing that everyone will have a slightly different experience with them.

Before you go the research route, it's important to take some time to consider what you really need. For example you may be wanting to find love and need a crystal for love, but really it may be a crystal that will boost your confidence. Take your time to really find out what it is you want and need from the right crystal for you!

10 Powerful Crystals & How to use them:

1. For happiness: Citrine

Citrine is a crystal of happiness and presence. Citrine gives us a friendly reminder to be really mindful and appreciate the world as it is right now. It's a great manifestation stone and encourages us to follow our dreams, stay positive, and walk through life with gratitude. 

How to use it:

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to take a moment. Hold a piece of citrine in your hands, or lay one on your navel. Imagine a specific goal you have. Visualize that goal being met and completed by yourself, and how you feel now you have made your dream into a reality.

Don't forget to thank your crystal when finished; your gratitude unplugs your personal energy from the crystal, a very important final step.


2. For abundance: Malachite

Malachite is a beautiful emerald-hued stone that can offer you strength and courage, to transform any fears or doubts you may have in regards to money. Sometimes the biggest thing standing in our way of abundance is ourselves, but with this stone handy, we're reminded that we deserve abundance, and we have the power to get it.

How to use it:

To use malachite for calling in the courage you need to live the life you want, Place a malachite stone over your heart. "Ask yourself, what does my heart desire? What brings me passion? How can I align my passion with my financial goals?" Malachite can offer you guidance on how to move forward.


3. For clarity: Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most popular stones you'll find but it is for a very good reason!

Clear Quartz helps to balance the body and clear the mind, and it's clear color makes it a versatile stone which can be used for many situations and needs, this is therefore a great stone to start with if you're a total beginner to the world of crystal healing.

How to use it:

Hold the quartz in your left hand, the feminine, receiving hand. Close your eyes. State out loud one thing that you can take action on that will bring you closer to your specific goals.

From here, let the quartz guide your path. What is needed to manifest your goals? Create an achievable, action-oriented plan with the guidance of clear quartz.


4. For love: Rose Quartz

Everyone's favorite when it comes to romance, rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It's associated with the heart chakra and encourages us to forgive others and of course, forgive ourselves. 

This is a great crystal for nurturing and supporting your ability to love yourself and accept love from others with an open heart.

How to use it:

Try this simple heart chakra ritual:

  1. Take out your rose quartz, and place it over your heart.
  2. Take six deep breaths (six is a number that's often associated with love).
  3. As you breathe, imagine the stone radiating love into your heart, clearing away darkness and pain to heal your heart space.
  4. For all-day loving energy, you could also wear a rose quartz necklace that falls right at your heart chakra.


5. For clearing negativity: Selenite

Selenite is known by a few different names, but it is perhaps best known as a source of light. It dispels darkness and provides healing energy. The negative energy that swirls and darkens our lives is kept away by this crystal’s power, as it is one of the best crystals for removing negative energy.

It’s known as the Perfect Jewel because it perfectly follows our true wishes, not the negative wishes that block them, and turns them into reality.

How to use it:

Simply place it by the front door of your home, or if you have multiples, place them throughout corners of your home. You can also take it to your office or workspace, to clear any negativity there. Keep it on your desk for extra protection and positivity.


6. For emotional support: Moonstone

Moonstone is known for balancing emotions, improving focus, and corresponding to the cycles of life, making it a very supportive crystal overall. It's also believed to enhance connection to the divine feminine and increase feelings of nurturing, spiritual curiosity, surrender and acceptance, and patience.

How to use it:

Hold a piece of moonstone over your root chakra for about 60 seconds while breathing deeply. 

Feel any energy that's not for your highest good being drawn out of the chakra center, moving down your legs, and out through the soles of your feet into the earth.


7. For grounding: Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an excellent choice if you're in need of grounding. It offers a calming and positive energy that can help you find perspective and stay hopeful. It can also help you to feel centered, clearing energy and connecting with the earth.

How to use it:

When you know that you know might be emotionally unstable or ungrounded, keep your black obsidian on you, somewhere it's easy to reach, like in your pocket or a purse. If you're in the car a lot and tend to get frustrated by traffic, you can also keep one in your car for a reminder that calm is available to you.


8. For protection: Labradorite

Labradorite is considered one of the most powerful protectors. The gemstone creates a shield for auras and protects against negativity of the world. A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.

How to use it:

Place Labradorite in your home to invite peace and serenity and creative freedom. It is also a great crystal to have in your office or work space as it will bring divine bursts of inspiration! 


9. For creativity: Carnelian

If you're stuck in a creative slump, carnelian could be the stone you need. It can be used to remove blocks that leave us feeling burned out, uninspired, and stuck. And because creative energy and sexual energy are both associated with the sacral chakra, you guessed it, carnelian is also great for amping up sexual energy.

How to use it:

Even just gazing at carnelian's gorgeous orange color can stimulate passion, motivation, creativity, confidence, and joy. You can also place it by your vision board, to give your manifestations a little extra oomph.


10. Bringing Positive Energy: Fluorite

One of the best stones for sweeping out negative energy and leaving you with that lush freedom feeling glow. This stone is one of the worlds favorite aura cleansers and loves to clear out those smoky uncertainties so you can make decisions based on truth and clarity.

For those who struggle with direction, who tend to hold themselves tethered by worry, and who need a little help in the self-love and confidence department, Fluorite brings fabulous healing properties to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

How to use it:

Rainbow Fluorite is an amazing crystal to bring into your home especially for those who want to fill their space with sublime positivity. 

One of the best ways to soak up the shimmering healing energy of Fluorite is to choose Fluorite jewelry. Whether pendant or an everyday wear like our Fluorite Mystical Wolf Necklace, having this stone next to your skin will send those chakra cleansing vibes right where they are needed. 


How to take care of your crystals

If you have just received a new crystal, or you have some you have had for a while and it needs a refresh, it is always a good idea to regularly cleanse, reset and activate your crystals. There are many ways to do this, be sure to check out our full guide on how to cleanse your crystals for all the knowledge you need to know! 

Some crystals can be cleaned with water, and some can't, depending on the crystal formation, so it's always best to check specific guidelines, stone by stone.



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