Collection: Crystals for Protection

Crystals can help you to forge protective boundaries, keep negative energy at bay, and curate a space that spills over with love, calming energy, and creative spirit. We have the best line up of crystals to fill your home to bring a fresh perspective to your space.

Obsidian for shifting stagnant bad energy and protecting against psychic attacks

Pyrite for protection and golden ideas

Amethyst for a serene space

Clear Quartz for making your home your own mood board

Rose Quartz for loving energy and compassion

Black Tourmaline for protecting your threshold from bad energy

Smoky Quartz for dissipating bad energy

Labradorite for free and easy communication

Selenite for bringing the light

Carnelian for building a creative space

Aventurine for forging family bonds and as a study aid

Lapis Lazuli for dreamwork and fighting psychic attacks